Do you?

 It’s not easy to let go

Let go the girl you love

Let go your Happiness

Let go your cheerfulness

Let go your strength

Let go your..

But I have to be strong

And move on in life

Fall in love again

Somewhere sometime

With someone else

Maybe she’s the one”

I would say

“Maybe she’s the one who would help me forget you”

“Maybe she’ll love me the way u did”

But she’ll never be you

Maybe I m not meant to forget you

Maybe we both r destined to be together

Here I m listening to songs that remind me of you

Maybe you’ll one day fall back into old habits

Maybe one day you’ll re listen to all those songs

And would say that 

You miss me too  

(Though accidentally)

But I should understand that everything isn’t the same anymore

You don’t love me any more

Or do you?


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