2:30 am

And I still could not sleep

I was in bed by 11

Still it’s not happening

Sleep rings the bell

And runs away like a small kid,

By the time I open the door.

It’s becoming naughty day after another.

Let me make it clear to you

(Before you provide an explanation that

‘Because you slept in the afternoon that’s why you aren’t sleepy anymore”)

I wasn’t  able to sleep in the afternoons too.

It’s strange that I tried every household remedy

Still there is no sign of ‘sleeplessness’

Is that what they call


‘To sleep is to recharge, but my battery isn’t dead’

My world is asleep tonight

But I am still awake

Tossing over in my bed

Changing positions

Trying different postures

Still no use.

OK , I’ll be calm now

And close my eyes.

Oh,this feels good.

This is pleasant

I can see the two of us

Sitting on a bench

Her hand close to mine

Eyes locked

We both smiled 

And right then we knew 

We both were in love.

She came forward

And kissed me.

Her eyes wet now.

As she stood up to leave

‘I’ll always love you ‘, she said

And before I could say anything 

She gradually grew fainter in my view

Receding and receding

Till you became blurry

And finally disappeared

Horrified I ran towards her



I couldn’t find her anywhere

All that I could hear was her voice

As if coming from a long distance

“Forget me Forget me,

We were never meant to be together.

Forget me”.

” Noooooooooooo”, I shouted – and immediately awaking I found myself on the floor, where I had fallen.

On the spur of the moment there was a beep sound on my messenger

“Good morning baby common wake up its 6 am in the morning”

Came her message.


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