Psychology : Reality and Criticism


A scientific study of human mind and it’s functions

Especially those affecting

Behavior in a given context

I m privileged that I am student of this field

It has helped be understand completely indifferent and complex human emotions which sometimes don’t have a start or end

Now I know why a person feels angry

Why does he/she feels happy or for instance any other feeling which they experience

I can write a whole paragraph describing one emotion

It’s positive negative aspects symptoms aftershocks remedy


It only works when you are examining a case 

A third person who is your subject

Who is your ‘Ginnie pig’

On whom you are finding results under experimental conditions (specifically at graduation level)

Or for instance psychotic disorder patients who r suffering from such diseases

Not when you are the ‘sufferer’

When you yourself feel depressed 

All your logic psychological knowledge is of no use

It’s all useless as now u yourself feel that your own arguments are useless

Pointless, baseless

The more you argue with your soul

The more  you drown in the sea of anguish

For instance if you have suffered a heart break

Your own logical arguments about true love and soul meeting won’t mend your heart

But would rather produce more cracks in it

For now you aren’t a thinking person anymore

But somebody else’s ‘Ginnie pig’

And the cycle continues


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